24th June; 19:00



Iranians were voting in a wide-open presidential run-off between moderate cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and hardliner Mahmood Ahmadinejad that will decide the future of reforms and ties with the West.


US President George W. Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari said a rising death toll in Iraq and shrinking US support for the war should not obscure the progress made there.


Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari and US President George W. Bush teamed up to boost support for the US-led war in Iraq as news emerged that a suicide bomber had killed at least two US marines in Fallujah.


World oil prices rose in the face of robust demand from China and the United States and at the end of a week when they reached 60 dollars for the first time on supply concerns.

North Korea

A high-level North Korean delegation returned to Pyongyang after winning pledges of aid from South Korea but without giving a long-awaited date for the resumption of six-party talks on the Stalinist regime's nuclear ambitions.


The EU was left bracing for a choppy change of guard after Tony Blair set out his reformist vision for Britain's turn at the EU helm, at one of the stormiest times in the bloc's half-century history.


China braced for the start of the rainy season along the flood-prone Yangtze river as the death toll from torrential downpours this year jumped to 567 with at least 165 more missing.


An Israeli teen was killed and four other people wounded in a Palestinian shooting spree in the West Bank in the third fatal shooting in a week, putting further strain on a fragile truce.


A group of top Taliban commanders appeared to have slipped the net as Afghan and US forces wrapped up one of the bloodiest offensives since the fall of the regime, officials said.


The African Union voted to send an advance team to the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to prepare for the proposed deployment of an AU mission to disarm Rwandan Hutu rebels there.


The US government said that a bold takeover bid by a state-run Chinese energy firm for US oil major Unocal is likely to be reviewed on national security grounds.


The Sudanese government has launched an intensive aerial bombing campaign on civilian targets in its eastern Red Sea state in an apparent bid to halt a rebellion in the region, two rebel groups said.

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