26th November; 10:00



The European Union stepped up efforts to mediate the standoff over Ukraine's bitterly contested presidential vote as opposition supporters blocked key government buildings in a fifth day of mass rallies in Kiev.


Ukraine's pro-Russia Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich could not enter his offices as thousands of cheering opposition supporters revved up pressure on the state over a disputed election by blocking key state buildings.


A mystery attacker stabbed eight teenagers to death as they slept and injured four others after breaking into a school dormitory, in Ruzhou city in central Henan province, the latest brutal attack on children in China.


At least six people were killed and 30 injured when an earthquake hit a town in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua for the second time in nine months, officials said.


Indonesia's new President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited war-torn Aceh province, urging all of its people including separatist rebels to join his "new determination and commitment" to end the decades-long conflict.


A leading Israeli rights group called for the resignation of the country's chief-of-staff Moshe Yaalon for what it denounced as "a culture of impunity" over Palestinian civilian deaths.


The UN atomic energy begins a second day of talks here with Iran and Europe deadlocked over how to allay concern over Tehran's nuclear program which the United States says hides illicit weapons work.


The UN atomic agency is expected to let South Korea off the hook for making small amounts of weapons-grade plutonium, a violation of nuclear safeguards, allowing Seoul to escape a referral to the UN Security Council.


An Australian police station was firebombed and burnt to the ground as 300 angry Aborigines rioted after the release of the autopsy results on a man who died in police custody, police said.


An outlawed Thai Muslim separatist group has offered bounty payments of over 2,000 US dollars for the killing of governors or senior government officials in the country's troubled south, according to its website.


Hundreds of inmates were released from Myanmar's main jail, a day after the military regime announced it was expanding its prisoner release programme to more than 9,000 people.


US President George W. Bush has ordered the CIA to get more spies on the ground to step up the war on terror -- while resignations of key staff have increased a sense of turmoil at the world's biggest intelligence agency.


Mozambique heads for landmark elections next week to choose a successor to President Joaquim Chissano who shepherded the southern African country to peace and economic revival after a bloody 16-year civil war.

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